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Thank you for your interest in our Multi-DAQ series of purpose built I/O interface boards for many different families of National Instruments’ USB-, X-, M-, and S- series multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ) boards.

While the NI DAQ boards have a high degree of analog and digital I/O, they are not well suited for many industrial integrations. And while NI platforms including cDAQ, cRIO, and PXI offer a wide variety of plug-in cards for multiple I/O types, we feel there is a gap for smaller, lower I/O count applications where the multifunction board has plenty of speed and I/O, but lacks the industrial interface capability. That’s where the Multi-DAQ boards come in.

Many NI Multifunction boards are available with one or two 68-pin SCSI-5 (VHDCI) connectors for I/O interfacing. Generally, each 68-pin connector maps to 16 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, and 24 bi-directional TTL level digital I/O. The Multi-DAQ utilizes a matching SCSI-5 connector, so a 1:1 cable is used to connect the NI DAQ board to the Multi-DAQ. From there, various on-board hardware allows the user to connect digital inputs up to 30VDC, and switch loads to 150VDC/120VAC at 5A continuous. (12) digital inputs and (12) relay outputs are standard; however the user can reconfigure outputs to operate as inputs in any configuration between 12 in/12 out up to 24 in/ 0 out. (16) Analog inputs can individually be configured as +/- 10VDC single ended or differential; 0-20mA, 0-150V (or other input ranges), or optionally 0-60A current sense (up to 8 channels). Analog outputs, if available, are passed through the board to an interface connector. For DAQ boards with 2 connectors, 2 Multi-DAQ boards must be utilized to access all the DAQ I/O.

The small footprint of the Multi-DAQ boards saves panel space, and eliminates the need for many external terminal blocks, relays, voltage transducers, and current transducers. Easy to mount, easy to wire, and simple to design into your custom application. Multi-DAQ boards save you time and money in multiple ways.

Highly reliable Phoenix Contact pluggable headers are used for making external wiring connections to the boards. Each header can be removed, making board change-out a matter of seconds. Headers can be pre-wired, and simply snapped in place. Keying plugs prevent mis-installation of similar connectors.

In brief, the various I/O on the boards work as follows. Our extensive user manual provides detailed specifications and schematics.

(16) Analog inputs can be individually configured as follows:

  • +/- 10V (wired directly to the DAQ card input)
  • 0-20mA by connecting an on-board 249Ω resistor between the input channel and ground
  • 0-150V input. Out of the box, the voltage divider is set for 0-100V inputs by connecting an approximate 10:1 resistor divider network across the input. Resistors are socketed 16-pin DIP array type, and users can create their own resistor divider network for higher or lower ratios.
  • On the MD-68-IS board only, there are (8) +/- 60A (AC or DC) hall effect current sensors that can be used on the first (8) analog input channels. These sensors can easily be pre-wired for multiple turns through the current sensor, which is important for reading small currents below 1 amp.

(12) digital inputs are individually isolated, so mixed voltages and ground potentials can be used. Inputs will operate between 4.5Vdc and 30Vdc. PFI0 through PFI11 are mapped to these inputs, so some counter functionality is retained.

(12) Form C electromechanical relays are installed on the board. These relays are socketed, for easy replacement and re-configuration. They have a standard footprint, shared among many manufacturers and relay types, including Form A solid state and electromechanical. Standard relays feature silver plated contacts rated to 5A continuous at up to 150V.

All 12 relay outputs can be individually reconfigured as inputs. This is convenient when applications require more inputs than outputs. When reconfigured, the additional inputs are isolated in the same way as the 12 permanent inputs.

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