Superior Integrated Systems Multi-DAQ Connector Cable Use these High Quality interface cables to connect the MD-68 boards to the DAQ system.  Available in.. Product #: MDC-VH68M Regular price: $45.00 $45.00

Multi-DAQ Connector Cable

Product Code: MDC-VH68M

Price: $45.00

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General Description

Use these cables to interconnect the MD-68 products to National Instruments™ Multifunction products.  Each cable utilizes 68-pin VHDCI (Very High Density Cable Interconnect) connectors. These attractive cables feature male connectors on each end, metal connector hoods, twisted pair wiring, and a shielded cable jacket. Multiple cable lengths from 12" to 8 Meters are available.

These cables are pin compatible with various National Instruments™ products. Please note that these cables may be constructed with different wire pairing, materials, or shielding techniques than similar NI™ cables. The suitability of these cables should be evaluated for each particular application.

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